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Property Management that you can Count On

With over 25 years of experience, Apple Property Management has been helping condominium associations make sense of the day-to-day operations. We have learned that proper bookkeeping and grass cutting is just the beginning to keep owners content with the management of their property. Service and prompt attention to the owners’ concerns is a major player in keeping a happy association. Our job is to keep your property clean and safe and closely monitor your funds with strong accountability to how every dollar is spent.

Our strengths include:


Let us do all the paperwork.


Every penney is accounted for.


Landscaping is only part of what we do.


It takes a team of experts to run a successful condo association. As a group, we continue to search for excellent contractors and staff to provide our clients with the very best.


As the condominium administrators, we strive to respect the desires of every condo owner as well as the association. Our commitment is to involved in every step towards making your association successful. Our people are professionally trained in accounting and physical property management as well as having the ability to negotiate, communicate and take positive steps to establish and maintain a well-run community.

  • Accept, Investigate & Respond to Complaints
  • Maintain Owner Property Files
  • Administrate Transfer of Ownership
  • Assist the Board in Enforcing the Rules & Regulations
  • Advise the Board on Standard Operating Procedure in accordance with Ohio Law
  • Process Architectural Control Applications
  • Inspect, Evaluate and Respond to Violations
  • Resolve Issues in Accordance with Board Policy
  • Administer Work Orders and Obtain Bids for Services
  • Assist in Preparation of Contracts and in Evaluating Contractors’ Performance
  • Lease and Absentee Owner Administration
  • Periodic Inspections of the Property • Attendance at Board Meetings
  • Maintain Records and Association Documents
  • Prepare Written Correspondence
  • Provide Community Webpage


A condominium association can accumulate many documents throughout a year and since years worth of documents must be saved, we provide the peace-of-mind knowing that it is all safely documented and stored. Equally important is the accounting of all financials with accuracy. Our staff is highly trained and has checks and balances to insure that information is correctly presented to the board.

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Maintain seperate bank accounts
  • Monthly financial statements prepared by reputable accounting firm
  • Monthly Collections Lock-Box banking service
  • Board access to read only on-line banking
  • Annual Budget
  • Preparation of Annual Review/Audit

We fix it, groom it, maintain it and make it easy for owners to come home and relax.


We track complaints, suggestions and observations from all concerned and quickly deal with the situation or present it to the Board in a timely fashion. We spot check the condominium outer grounds to insure that items are being handled quickly and efficiently. Systems are put into place to maintain and repair before items become an issue. Our network of contractors has been thoroughly researched to be the best in their fields of expertise.

  • Lawn Management
  • Landscaping
  • Pool Maintenance
  • Exterior Structural Repair
  • Exterior Lighting and Fencing
  • Preparation and Execution of Contractor Bids
  • 24 Hour Emergency Line
  • Routine On-site Community Inspections
  • Supervision of All Exterior Projects